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Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers continues to wait for the formal investigation, the Shrine has never had a formal investigation. We continue to save the Miraculous Photos and Testimonials of miracles that have happened through the years for the Shrine Archives; we are not affiliated with other websites that publish the Messages for financial gain. We have faith in the words of Our Holy Mother:

"Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all.  One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My appearances. May 17, 1986

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Our Lady:    And your country, My child, the United States, and Canada also, will receive the heavy hand of the Father soon upon them.  We can no longer protect them from what is to come about within the next several months.  Yes, My child, there will be blood  flowing in the streets of the United States.  There will be carnage such as has never been seen before in the United States and Canada.  Do not take lightly the threats of those murderers in the European states that have felt this carnage.  They are now setting up their plans to bring destruction to the heart of the Americas.

My child and My children, how long can I go about your earth going from place to place, hinder and yon, as your Mother, praying with you, solacing the nations that suffer from their own laxity?  We ask for prayer, atonement, and sacrifice.  And what do We get?  We have theologians who now consider themselves as gods upon earth.  They are setting up a new world religion, a one-world religion based on humanism and modernism.  This will not continue much longer, My children.  It has taken many earth-years to develop these theories.  And those who have their heads in the clouds, though they wear the purple hats and the red hats, those who have become blinded from the excessive love of luxury and materialism, shall be lost in the chaos.

Apparition of September 27, 1986


Our Lady:      The great power of your country comes from those who have now gained a control of your government.  The forces of evil have entered upon your government, My child.  Many sacrifices must be made for these who have given themselves to satan.

Apparition of August 5, 1975



Our Lady:    My children, I repeat and repeat to you the warning from Heaven.  I go forth throughout your world as a Mediatrix between God and man.  Hopefully, I implore you as your Mother, to restore My Son's Church to its former glory.  You must repent of your sin.  You must cleanse your government of all evildoers.   Your country and many countries of your world have allowed themselves to be taken over by consorts of evil. 

Communism now is gaining fast into all of the countries of your earth.  Leaders are capitulating, leaders are falling away from the Faith and giving themselves to worldly living, domination of the human being, and casting aside the God-given rights of the human being.

My children, you will keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your country and the countries upon earth.  There will be many warnings given to mankind, warnings that shall accelerate and increase within the year.

My children, I have warned you in the past that 666, the man of perdition, the spirit of evil, and all agents of hell now loosed upon your earth shall cause much gnashing of teeth as he sets woe upon your earth.


Yes, My children, it is a true fact that only a few will be saved in the final count.  You will be fortunate if you can gather into one room the true priests of My Son as the war rages, the war of the spirits, a war far more disastrous than any created by a human being in the past.

Your country and all the nations of the world now are fast heading for their own destruction.  Because of pride and arrogance and worldly seeking of gain by your leaders, an arsenal of weapons is now stored for your destruction and for the destruction of many nations in your world.  My children, you hold your destiny now, for in your free will you will listen to the counsel from Heaven or you will be destroyed.

America, My mantle has been spread over you in protection, but you whom I've protected in the past, you also cast Me aside, for when you dishonor My Son, you dishonor His Mother, and you dishonor all of the saints in Heaven. Many martyrs shall emerge from the conflagration, My child.  Pick up your cross and follow My Son.

Apparition of April 9, 1977

-You will pray and do much penance for the leaders of your government.  Great evil has been set upon them as punishment for turning from the laws of the Creator. -

Our Lady:   My child, the penance is severe.  However, at the end of penance is a great joy.

You are fast approaching upon your new year, My children.  It will be a year of great trial!   One of your government leaders will leave you.  He will pass over the veil.

I give you this knowledge for reason.  You must pray much, My children, for your government leaders.  Satan has a great hold upon them at this time.  If you do not pray more and make atonement for the sins being committed now in the hearts of your countrymen, you will suffer much at the hands of the men in your government, for they will be powerless to offset the great evil that will be constructed by the demons loosed from the abyss.

You will circulate fast, My child, the photograph of the vehicles of hell, the flying saucers.  They are gathering in great multitudes upon your earth.  Know now that they are of an illusion, a delusion to mankind.  It is but one of the false miracles of satan. 

Apparition of December 31, 1974



Our Lady:    There is an octopus, a web of evil now fanning out throughout your world.  Political powers, money powers - these have all gathered to bring about the destruction of Christianity.  My children, the Luciferians are loose now in great numbers upon your earth.  They will work through persons, places, and things.  Remember this, My children: persons, places, and things.

I counseled you in the past, and I wish you all to remember that many will sell their souls to get to the head!  It has not been said without direction that money is often the root of all evil.  Many in Rome are selling their souls to get to the head.  They lust for power, and this power is not for the betterment of mankind but the individual.  Arrogance!  Arrogance and lust for money, My children.

You will all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world and your country.  The United States of America, My children, without repentance, without restoration of godliness in the government and in the homes, the United States shall feel the first great devastation of its existence.

One whom God the Eternal Father has chosen to bless with abundance, that one, that nation has a great deal of responsibility to honor its God and promote godliness throughout the world.  As of this time, My children, and I say this with hope that it can be only given as 'this time,' your country, the United States, has given itself over to satan and must be cleansed by trial.

All who have received the message with heart shall go through these trials with perseverance knowing that the eventual victory is with Heaven.  No evil is ever triumphant.  It becomes a testing ground for all.

Apparition of June 18, 1978


Our Lady:   There is in your country and the world, a conspiracy of evil.  The world powers seek to unite, to bring you under bondage.  Awaken now!  Your country is heading for great trial.

You will pray and do much penance for the leaders of your government.  Great evil has been set upon them as punishment for turning from the laws of the Creator.  For avarice, self-gain, souls are falling fast into hell.

My child, I hear the words of many who claim that I set fear into the hearts of My children.  It is not My intention to bring fear among you, but to prepare you for what lies ahead.  If - and I say if, My children, for the Father is persevering and waiting.  He is waiting for you to turn from your present path.  You have given yourselves to satan, the pleasures of the flesh.  You have cast aside the basic truths that will keep you on the narrow road to the Kingdom.  You have replaced them with a delusion sent by satan.  This, My child, I will explain with only three words: humanism, modernism, and satanism.

Know that the Warning is fast approaching mankind.  Know that there will be a Chastisement far greater than mankind has ever seen.  Those who remain after this cleansing will be there not by accident but at the will of the Father.  They will join with My Son to set the world right again.

There are many saints, My child, in the Kingdom of the Father now who have won their crowns through suffering.  The road to Heaven is not an easy one.  It is filled with thorns.

Apparition of November 1, 1974




Our Lady:  My Son's hand grows heavy.  I cannot hold it back much longer.  Your country shall receive the cross, My child! Now you understand, My child, the photograph.  The cross to many shall be their salvation.  The cross, My child, as you observed upon the photograph, was a cross of light, brimming with life.  Accept your cross, My children, when it is given to you, for you will carry it into Heaven.

Veronica:    Now Our Lady is rising.  She's going high up into the sky.

Our Lady:   Do not be afeared, My child, I am not leaving.

[Polaroid photo taken at the Vigil of May 15, 1976. A miraculous white cross appears on the United States flag. Our Lady said to Veronica in the message that vigil]



Vision of the US Symbol of Lady Justice

Veronica:    Now Michael is appearing just over the tree on the right side over the papal flag.  Michael - I can't see his face.  The golden gleam upon his hair is so brilliant, I can't see his face. He has on a long white gown.  And he's now pointing to the sky, and there's a figure up in the sky.  It looks like a woman in a long, flowing gown with a sword in her hand, pointed down.  And there's like a blindfold over her eyes.  Now she's tossing away the sword, and she's holding now a golden scale in her hand.   And above her is written,  IN GOD WE TRUST.   But now the words  IN GOD WE TRUST  are darkening.  And now the words are gone. But in big black letters, there are letters, J-U-S-T-I-C-E, and a big black question mark.   JUSTICE?

Now it's beginning to disappear; it's like smoke fading away.  And Our Lady is coming forward.  She's placing Her hands upon Her lips.

Apparition of Vigil of May 15, 1976


Our Lady:    You must never slacken or give in to your human weakness, for you will be given the strength to finish your mission.

It is sad to look into the future, My child, and know that already the enemies of your God are planning to dispose of a godly leader.  The righteous man shall be met with much scorn and persecution.  It is the sign of your times.

The leaders of your country and the rulers of your world are faster and faster plunging forward, bringing in the reign of the evil one whom you will know as the Anti-christ of one world.  The plan for his rule has been set for many years.  Many prayers, many acts of atonement will be needed, or your new leader will be removed from among you.  Pray, pray much for him, for the righteous man will meet with much persecution.

You will rest now, My child, and I will continue with the message for mankind in a short time.  Many prayers are needed in atonement.

Apparition of August 14, 1979


St. Michael: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!  They shall reap the fruits of their labor.  The crops shall rot!  Mankind shall feel a sword upon his world.  The Eternal Father has endured your apostasy, your arrogance, your heresy much too long!  As an errant and ungrateful generation given to sin and abominations of the flesh, you shall be forced to your knees by trial.   The Eternal Father, your Creator, has set upon the world a sword.

Apparition of July 15, 1975





Our Lady:     Pray always a constant vigilance of prayer.  Protect your children.  Tears shall be shed, for many children shall die in an epidemic uncontrollable by science.  Man has reached to the stars for power.  Self-gratification, glory, money - for what?  They are but a shell that must one day be destroyed.  And the spirit?  What shall happen to your spirit?  No consideration for your next life is given by Our errant children upon earth.  One day may be too late.  You must now live each day as though you were to go over the veil tomorrow, for so suddenly will many be taken from upon the earth.

 My child, one part only can be made known, given to you.  Syria has the key to the solution of world peace or the Third World War.  It will be the destruction of three-quarters of the world.  A world aflame, with also the Ball of Redemption.

  Your country, the United States, and many nations of the world now are under the domination of a godless government.  As such, without prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, I say unto you now, as your Mother, that you, too, proud and arrogant a nation that you be, the United States shall fall.  Many shall suffer.

 My child and My children, I have always promised to protect you and all who call to Me.  But the powers, the forces of evil have been allowed to enter even into My Son's Church.  The smoke of darkness - darkness of the spirit - covers the world.  Already many have reached the point of no return.  Pray, My child and My children, a constant vigilance of prayer.  My child, I shall not burden you now with a long discourse on the offenses of mankind that has now been played, the scene before the final curtain, before the eyes of the Eternal Father as He sets judgment upon mankind. Apparition of May 30, 1981