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"Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all.  One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My appearances. May 17, 1986

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Veronica:    Jesus extended a large ball with a cross on the top.

Jesus:    This will be your symbol of the work ahead.  Continue your rosaries.  They will be gathered to release souls from Purgatory.  These souls will be your army.                                    

Vigil of September 28, 1971

Our Lady shows Veronica the Lost Souls in Hell

Our Lady:  My child.

Veronica:   Our Blessed Mother now is taking me.  I feel like I'm all filled with sweat.  The heat -  it's so great!   Now Our Lady is looking at me sadly and then moving over to the right side of the flagpole.  I can see the black hole now.  Oh! 

Our Lady:   My child, you have viewed the poor souls lost forever into eternity.  [in Hell]

Come with Me, My child, and look!

Our Lady takes Veronica into Purgatory

Veronica:  Oh!  I'm looking down now into another pit.  It's like the very ground is opening up and I see a very dark place but it's bright on the top.  But we're going down further and I see people but they're glowing also.  But now, down, deep down into the hole I see - it's like a void and I see people sitting there.  Some are orange, others are just starting to turn orange in color.  And they're crying.  I can hear words.  They're all in a horrible anguish and I hear two - I think they're speaking to each other: 


Souls in PurgatoryOh, if we could only go back and tell.  If we could only reveal to those on earth what we now are living.

Veronica:   Now Our Lady is taking my hand.  We're just floating.  We're just floating up around this large big pit.

Our Lady:  You see, My child, the place of waiting, the place of cleansing.  Very few escape waiting.

Veronica:   It is Purgatory!  There seems to be various levels as I look down.  On the top - the place where I would rather stand if Our Lady would let me - a little further up, it's not the terrible feeling of anguish.  It's not so bad here, Our Lady.  It's brighter and brighter.

Our Lady: That, My child, is because the human soul knows that it's release is near.

Veronica:   Now Our Lady is taking my hand and we're floating up, up and Our Lady is pointing up to the sky.  Oh, and there's a beautiful great light in the sky.

Our Lady:  My child, that is where all mankind should strive to reach.  Beyond the farthest star is an eternity of happiness with the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is it worth, My child, for any man to make the decision of living upon earth - so short in years, a life offensive to the father that he cannot then enter into the Kingdom of God?  Shall you trade your souls for worldly gain and the few short years of pleasure - the destruction of your soul upon earth?

My tears are great, My child, for so few search for the truth and so many are taking this truth from among them.

Believe, believe, My children, and you will be given the way.  Seek and you shall find.  Ask and it will be given to you.  However, you must care, My children.  You must want to come to Us.  No love can be forced upon you.

Vigil of September 7, 1974


Veronica:  By the left side of the flagpole it is becoming very bright.  The darkness seems to just be giving way and there's a beautiful arc of light.  And Our Lady now is coming forward.  She looks very tiny now, but now - no, She is closer.  And Our Lady is dressed in white with gold trim, and She has upon Her head a beautiful crown.  The crown is made of gold.  I can see that it is an open crown because the crown covers Our Lady's garment.  She has like a cape over Her head, but the crown is setting over the cape.  I can't see Our Lady's hair.  The cape comes forward over Her forehead.  Now Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady:   You understand, My child, the need for modesty in the world.

Veronica:   Now, Our Lady is moving over to the right side of the flagpole.  Now She's looking down very sadly, Our Lady, and She is saying:


Our Lady:   Many prayers are rising to Heaven, My child.  Many souls await your prayers to be released from the place of purging.  There are not enough prayers for those who are being purged.  Many are forgotten once they have left their worldly lives.  Families, once united in love, why have you forgotten your loved ones?

Veronica:   I am now looking beyond the gates, for the gates I saw when Our Lady released all those wonderful, happy people But now as I look beyond the gates I see many people.  But they are in a condition I - it makes me very unhappy to see.  They are very illuminous and glowing.  They seem to glow an orange color, like they're burning.  And their arms are all raised up, or outwards towards the gate.  And now I hear cries, many voices are crying!

Souls in PurgatorySpare us, O Lord!  Quench the fires of thirst within us! 

And now I hear a voice.  It's the voice of a woman; she's an elderly woman.  She is crying,

Woman in Purgatory:   “Virginia, Virginia, why have you forgotten me?” 

Veronica:  Oh. Oh.  Now it's growing dark.  It's very, very hurting to see these people.  I know they are human beings.  But they are in a void.  It's a painful void.  It's like they're suspended in a, in a, in a void where there's nothingness - and they're reaching up, and they are crying because they are helpless.

I see two now who have sort of floated up toward this gate. And they are looking out, and they're asking,

Souls in Purgatory:   “Please.  Two Masses for meThere is no one to release me.  Please, two Masses for me! Oh. Robert.  Helen.  Two Masses for me.”


Veronica:  Oh. Oh. Now Our Lady - it's going dark, I can't see the - these people any longer.  And Our Lady now is coming over to the right side of the flagpole.

Our Lady: My child, it is sad that there are many who will spend eternity, unto the end of your time, awaiting their release, for they have no one to sacrifice or pray for them.  Many who have entered into this purgatorial purging sight have done so because of sins of the flesh.

You may not understand.  You cannot understand, My child, the ways of the Father.  But a soul must be as pure as the brightest star in Heaven before it can enter into the Kingdom.

Many parents are responsible, My child, for long stays for their children in purgatory.  They do not protect or prepare their children's souls.  Do not rely on the false teachers who are gaining in number about you.  Each parent must assume full responsibility for the salvation of his children's souls.

Vigil of February 10, 1974


Veronica:   ...up to this time but I can hear Our Lady.  She is saying:

Our Lady: My child, I will be delayed for I am bringing to Heaven many souls from Purgatory.

You understand, My child, that during this penitential season of your year, many of your brothers and sisters have received a reprieve from their sentence of purging.  Because of the prayers of many, many may be released from their place of purging.


Veronica Describes Purgatory

Veronica:   I see a tremendous, a very bright white light.  It's coming down from the sky now by the left side of the flagpole, right by the trees.  And the light is cutting through what appears to be a wall of complete darkness.  It's black in color.  And now the light is opening the wall and I see what looks like two sections of gates that are opening, they're opening from the center and I see now...I know they're people, but they don't have like a solid form.  They're very transparent, sort of an orange - glowing color.

Our Lady now is moving over to the right and the people are coming forward.  They're all so exhilarated and happy that I can feel every...a bit of their emotion.  It's wonderful.  Oh!

I'm watching the many people that are coming out of Purgatory.  Oh!  And they are all ages.  I see some young people.  There are two girls.  They look about, oh, seventeen and maybe one's about fifteen.  And there are four boys Oh!  They are very young.  They look like they may be around sixteen, eighteen, Oh!

Now the wall that opened up - it seems to be closing in now and the darkness is returning and now I notice that there is a tremendous white light but the light is forming like a ladder and the people are rushing into the clouds.  Oh, they're not looking back.  They...they seem to be hastening forward in their eagerness to see what they...reach where they can see, oh...I can't see beyond the clouds but, oh, whatever it is, it's the fulfillment of every dream and every wish that they've ever had in their lifetime.  Oh!

Now I can't see the last person.  There must have been hundreds in my count.  I would say hundreds entering Heaven.

Now Our Lady is coming forward.  She's standing at the left side of the flagpole.  Our Lady has on a beautiful white cape which reaches from her feet and goes about Her head.  Oh!  and upon Our Lady's head there is a golden crown - a small crown.  It's held on by Our Lady's cape and Her forehead.  It's set deep down onto Her forehead and, oh, Our Lady is pointing over to the right side but I can't help but notice the brilliant blue sash that Our Lady has about Her gown.  Oh, it's very pretty.

Vigil of March 22, 1975


The Souls in Purgatory

Our Lady:    However, there are many souls, My children, waiting to be taken from the place of purging, purgatory.  They are helpless without your aid.  Will you not give to them these graces that you can gain so freely upon earth in your lifetime!  They will reward you threefold for your warmness of heart.  Many shall be in purgatory till the end of your world unless you help them.  Many discard and forget the memory of a loved one as time erases it from their minds. 

     Remember, My children, one day each one of you will be in the same position.  Shall you have someone to pray for you, unless you give this example now and this teaching?  Who will pray for you, when you come over the veil?  Who will offer indulgences and sacrifices for you?  Would it not be better, My children, to start now to safeguard your entrance into the Eternal Kingdom?

Vigil of November 1, 1975


Stages for the Purging Souls

Our Lady"You must tell My children upon earth that they must not cease their prayers for their friends, their brothers, their sisters who are waiting with much anguish to be released from Purgatory."

Veronica: “Oh. Oh. I'm looking, Oh, I'm looking into a very, a very deep chasm, hole like.  It seems like a void, a large space.  I can see many, many people, many people.  They're not red and burning like the people who were down in the big black hole [hell].  But they're a very light orange color.  But I see that there is a deeper, a deeper hole below them.  Now Our Lady is coming over.

Our Lady"My child, I wish to reveal to you one mystery of life beyond the veil.  There is not just one place of purging.  No, My child, there are stages for the purging.  Many will be here in the lowest stage unto the end of your world, only because there is no one who can make restitution to the Father for the offenses committed by these souls while they were upon earth.  Yes, My child, there are many here who have no one to pray for them.  They are helpless as they wait. 

One thought, one kind memory can ease part of their suffering.  Just one kind thought, one memory can ease a part of their suffering.  Many here have been forgotten by their own.  I say to you now, My children, while you are upon earth:  You shall reap what you have sown.  Therefore, use your time wisely by gathering the graces, graces in abundance now within your reach.  You have, as you are still upon earth, a Heaven - given power to release your brothers and sisters.  Pray for them; make sacrifices for them; release them.  And when you do, their power will be great enough to bring you into the Kingdom."


Veronica Sees Priests in Purgatory

Veronica: “I see also, Our Lady now is taking my hand.  We're going down past these poor people.  They can see us.  Oh, no.  Oh, we're going down now, farther down.  Our Lady refers to it as the second stage.  And now I see - they are also Bishops and Cardinals.  I can recognize them.  They're holding their faces in their hands.  Oh. 

Now Our Lady is moving over – DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!”  Now Our Lady is taking my hand; we're going up.  Take me up!  Oh!  I don't want to look.  Oh!     Now Our Lady is pointing down.

Our Lady:  "You see, My child, why I ask that you call for the prayers for your priests.  Without your prayers, many will spend years, many years of purging in the Second stage.

Veronica“Oh! Oh!  Now we're over and are going up into the light.  Oh!  Oh, I feel I have come out of some place where I was burning all up.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh, I can breathe again.

Our Lady"Yes, My child.  If only all mankind could look beyond the veil, My travels throughout your world would not be necessary.”                

Vigil of May 22, 1974


Prayers for a Great Indulgence to a Departed Soul

Veronica: “Our Lady says that She would like you, when you hear of a death upon earth, whether you know a person or whether you don't, She requests that you say an Act of Contrition and three Hail Mary's, for a great indulgence will be granted for the soul, the departed soul.”        

Vigil of May 30, 1973



St. Joseph Litany for Priests in Purgatory

Veronica:  “And now we will recite, at the direction of Our Lady, the Litany to Saint Joseph. Now Our Lady requests that this litany be in reparation for many priests who are in Purgatory.”

Vigil of February 10, 1974


The Value of Suffering

Jesus:   "If one would understand the great value of suffering she would ask it regardless of a human inclination to avoid pain and suffering. The graces gained from physical suffering when offered for a just cause, a meritable cause, for those in purgatory, the graces are threefold."    

Vigil of February 1, 1978


Our Lady:    Michael, the guardian of My Son's Church upon earth, must be returned now to his rightful place in My Son's  Church and in the hearts of all mankind.  The supernatural must not be rejected any longer.  Disobedience to your Vicar will not be tolerated by the Eternal Father in matters of faith and morals.

My children, I have asked you in the face of crisis to stand firm.  You must not desert your parish, or the doors will close.  My Son is still in the Tabernacles of the world.  Do not judge My Son's Church by the antics of man, for every human can be tempted and become weak and fall - only, though, because you have offered too few prayers for your bishops and your priests, and your beloved relations soon forgotten in purgatory. 

The value of penance for the repatriation of the souls in purgatory have been forgotten, are no longer taught to the children, creating a void in their lives, a void that is being filled by the occult and satanism!

Vigil of September 28, 1979