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Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers continues to wait for the formal investigation, the Shrine has never had a formal investigation. We continue to save the Miraculous Photos and Testimonials of miracles that have happened through the years for the Shrine Archives; we are not affiliated with other websites that publish the Messages for financial gain. We have faith in the words of Our Holy Mother:

"Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all.  One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My appearances. May 17, 1986

Please join the Shrine Rosary Vigils as they appear on the Vigil Calendar , and Holy Hours every Sunday at 10:30 AM-ET via free telephone conference at 641-715-0685, when connected dial Access Code 960859# or also in person at the Vatican Pavilion in Flushing Meadows Park, New York. Please see Map & Directions under The Shrine Tab.

We do the Fifteen Decade Rosary every night at 7:30 PM-ET. We are praying for Our Lord's mercy for all the martyr's and those being persecuted for upholding the Laws of God. For the end to all satanic masses in the United States and across the world, for the end of abortion and for the conversion of sinners.
The call is free, join us at 641-715-0685, when connected dial Access Code 960859# we only ask that all calls are placed on mute to keep order on the call. There will be one Leader and one Responder for each decade, all are welcome to volunteer.


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Ask and you shall receive; seek the light and you will not fall into darkness

Do not lose faith in My Mass; it is valid.


Jesus:  Pray; pray for your pastors.  Protect My Vicar with your prayers.  The Eternal City of Rome is approaching a bloodbath, and why?  Because too few have prayed for its ransom.


You will go forward in the days ahead, retiring from your world that has been given to satan.  Do not allow your parish doors to close, My children.  By your example, unify as a parish group and you will patch the cracks.  Do not lose faith in My Mass; it is valid.  Man may distort but it is valid, I say.  When a legally-ordained priest of the Roman Catholic Church conducts this Mass, it is valid, I say.


My children, raise up your voices in thanksgiving to your Eternal Father that your country has still the Tabernacles open to My sheep, for the time will approach when you will go searching, and the doors will be closed to you.


America, your country, the United States, a land of plenty, has never witnessed mass slaughter and death.  But, My children, unless - and I say unless - you turn back now, your country will witness death such as never has gripped the heart of man before, a terror brought about by the knowledge that there has been a rejection of truth, a rejection of your God.


Too late, too late, will tears pour from the hearts of mothers falling upon the dying, and suffering and anguish in not knowing where they are over the veil.  Prepare, O parents, for this time, and you will have great peace of heart in the future.  Treasure the knowledge of the light given to you, and nourish it.  The souls of your children, nourish them with pure waters.  Do not allow the world's peoples to contaminate your children with their errors.


The way to the eternal Kingdom of your God is a simple way.  The way has been given to you.  It needs no change.  It is a simple way of understanding the foundation.  And I, My children, I am the foundation of your Faith.  Believe in Me, and you will be given the way.  Ask and you shall receive; seek the light and you will not fall into darkness



Vigil of December 7, 1976


Our Lady:   Do not turn from your parish church, but stay; remain as a good example.


All who need strength and encouragement in the days ahead will say with true feeling, My Jesus, my confidence!


It will come, the time, My children, when it will seem to all that the wicked have captured the earth, and only the wicked shall prosper.  But, My children, they gain their reward upon earth, for they have nothing when they leave.  And there is not one living creature upon earth that shall not one day return to the dust.


Our Lady:  Without prayers and penance of the world much blood shall be shed in the streets of Rome.  Persecution shall be set upon the Holy Father.  Many shall cry out for his blood.  There are many traitors sitting at his table with him now, for the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.


My children, I repeat: do not leave your parish church, but remain as an example.  The Eucharist, My Son, is always with you.  Comfort Him, as His heart is torn by the many abominations being committed in His House and by many of His clergy.


It will not be an easy road for you and all who carry the light.  The forces of darkness are great upon your world now, but remember, My children, at the end of this battle, it will be victory for Heaven and all who have given themselves as children of God and remain faithful and true.



Vigil of February 1, 1978


Our Lady:     My Son gave His life for you all, but all shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  For many are called but only few are chosen.  In the final count, My children, there will be only a remnant who will enter the Kingdom.


The world, your world, shall go through a great crucible of suffering.  You must not question the ways of the Eternal Father, for His knowledge goes far beyond what any man could comprehend, even with science, My children.


The forces of evil are gathered to do great battle with all of the children of God.  You must go forward with confidence, My children.  Persistence is needed.  I do not ask you to judge your brothers or sisters, for that would not be of charity.


There will be a great revolution in Rome, in Italy, and many countries in Europe, My child, because the man of sin is preparing the way.  The forces of communism are gaining and will enter upon the Seat of Peter.  You will recognize, My children, by the directions that shall come from Rome.


I have asked you once, I have asked you again, My children, not to abandon your parish churches.  It is the plan of satan to shut the doors.  Remember, My children, and I repeat again, that My Son is with you in the Eucharist.  He is present with you in Body and Spirit.  He will be brought to you by a legally-ordained priest, a man of God.  Do not judge My Son's Church or its structure by the ways of man.  The Spirit will work miracles over the corruption of the man.  A legally-ordained priest is a priest for life.


Please, My children, pray for your priests.  Many are being led astray.  Discipline and the rule must be followed in the priesthood.  This brings great sorrow to the Eternal Father and My Son to see the manner in which the priesthood has cast aside the rule in the name of modernism and humanism.


The destruction of souls accelerates.  My children, can you not recognize the path you have allowed yourself to go upon?  It is a way of destruction.  It is not the way as given by My Son, for you have set yourselves to build a new church, a church for the glorification of man.


My children, a Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.  All that is rotten shall fall.  No evil shall be ever triumphant, for the Eternal Father shall turn all evil to good.


You see, My children, satan will not succeed in his plan.  He is being given his time, but a short time now, to gather his own.  Sad to say, My child and My children, many shall be called, but few are chosen.  All who descend into the abyss do this of their own free will, My children.  You must pray always that the forces of evil do not make you succumb.


Vigil of March 25, 1978


Pray the Rosary daily