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Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers continues to wait for the formal investigation, the Shrine has never had a formal investigation. We continue to save the Miraculous Photos and Testimonials of miracles that have happened through the years for the Shrine Archives; we are not affiliated with other websites that publish the Messages for financial gain. We have faith in the words of Our Holy Mother:

"Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all.  One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My appearances. May 17, 1986


Shall be a Santuary of Peace and Solace

Our Lady promised a miraculous spring of curative waters, a well of curing, to erupt at Heaven’s chosen site at the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside Hills, New York where Our Lady’s Apparitions and Vigils began June 18, 1970, Our Lady’s chosen date. 

Veronica Kneeling bread and fish

Veronica wrote: "The curative waters came through where Veronica was kneeling-the St Robert's site - December 24, 1973 (note miraculous imprint - a Fish and Bread) where Veronica kneeled. [Bread is symbolic of the Eucharist and the Fish is the symbol of the early Christians in Rome.]


Veronica curative waters

Photo taken one icy winter Sunday afternoon at St Roberts old Church and the Curative waters erupting appeared on the photo.


Veronica kneeling on the mud

Veronica Kneeling down at the old St Robert Bellarmine Church, the site where the curative waters will erupt. Our Lady asked Veronica to kneel in the rain and mud for penance and humility. 














Our Lady- 
“Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all. One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building. Your Bishop then cannot deny My Appearances.”

Vigil of May 17, 1986

Our Lady to appear over St. Robert's Bellarmine Church in Bayside Hills, NY.

OL Appear over St Roberts

                   Polaroid photo from Veronica’s photo album

Veronica’s handwritten explanation on the miraculous Polaroid photo:  “Sacred Shrine Site – Our Blessed Mother over St. Roberts (old building). Note the white, bright host over her head. Note her head down – arms – hands in prayer. Note bottom of photo on right – pilgrims heads (arrow) looking up.”


A recent photo of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside Hills, NY.

Recent Photo of SRs

This outstanding miraculous photo above, you can see Our Lady standing above the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church with Her hands in prayer and head bowed in right profile. This is Our Lady’s chosen site of Her Sacred Grounds where the Vigils began and where She requests a Basilica to be built to be called ‘Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers’. In the bottom of the photo you can see the heads of women with blue berets pointing up to Our Lady. Our Lady directed Veronica to compile these photo albums now in the Shrine Archives of Our Lady of the Roses for the Future Church Investigation and Review. Veronica was told the Spring of curative waters will erupt by the flag pole.



Statue OL was removed 1973    Recent Photo of SRs 2   SRB The Cornerstone

St. Robert Bellarmine Roman Catholic Church in the early 1970′s. The statue of Our Lady was removed in 1973.


Recent photo of the old church building of St Robert Bellarmine now used as a school gym.


The new Church of St Robert Bellarmine. The Cornerstone.

The new larger parish church was dedicated in 1969 by Bishop Francis Mugavero who was installed the prior year. Veronica attended and while the Bishop was blessing the new church with the sprinkling of Holy Water, he said in jest, but maybe prophetically, to Veronica, ‘now you are a cornerstone of the Church.’ Veronica unknowingly was standing right in front of the cornerstone.


Our Lady-  “I now dispense upon these sacred grounds the power from the Father for conversion and cure. All in the plan of Heaven for the construction of an oasis in the dark times. My Shrine shall be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.”                         

Vigil of March 24, 1973

 Our Lady-  “I bless you, My child, and all who come with loving hearts onto My sacred ground. This – these grounds will truly be an oasis of graces in a barren land.”                                                                    

Vigil of September 13, 1973

Our Lady:  “The sacred grounds are not closed to mankind, for no fence can reach to the heavens. There is a division between the human and the supernatural, My child. It is in this supernatural state that My children shall be with Me on the sacred grounds. You will continue, My child, to bring the sheep to My oasis, the sacred grounds of grace. The wall has been set now to stop you, but no wall shall transcend the supernatural.”

Vigil of December 24, 1974

Our Lady:  “This beloved spot, this hallowed place will be an oasis in a barren land, for We will dispense here many graces upon you all. We know you care. We know you love, and We hope with you. I say this because My dear Son has always been long-suffering. He carries His cross for you because He loves you. Won’t you help carry His cross for Him? It won’t be easy, but Our little armies throughout the world will rescue many souls before the end. It is not by just chance that I chose this place, for here I found the seed of hope. Pray on your knees to honor My Son, to make reparation for those who do not honor My Son.”

Vigil of November 21, 1970

Our Lady:  “This hallowed place will become soon an oasis in a barren land, My children. In time you will understand fully well what I am telling you now.”

Vigil of February 1, 1972

Our Lady: “My Shrine here will be an oasis in your barren land. Many graces will be given from Our hearts, My children, to you. We will never abandon you in the darkness.”

Vigil of August 21, 1971

Our Lady: “I have set up in your city of evil, an oasis. Your souls will be nourished by the graces given from My hallowed grounds. My Mother’s heart is torn at the number of children being lost to Us. I have come to earth to give you your plan for salvation. I have come to your earth to prepare you for what trials lie ahead.”

Vigil of January 18, 1972

Our Lady:  “My message must be spread throughout the whole world. When the cataclysm is upon you, all will have had the chance to make ready. The Father has a plan. I have come here to your city with hope, to set here an oasis in this city of sin. Remember the fate of Sodom? All must make a firm decision to stand by My Son, casting aside the guiles of satan and accepting the armor I have given you.”

Vigil of May 30, 1972



Our Lady-  “Yes, there is a spring upon the grounds; of waters for cure. When the time is right, the Eternal Father shall bring the waters up.”

Vigil of February 10, 1976

Our Lady-  “I bless you, My children, as the Eternal Father sends you His Blessings and power of cures and conversions for the propagation of the mission from Heaven. There shall be My child, many cures. In time, they will be known to the world. Yes, My child, you shall return to the Sacred Grounds soon. There will be a spring, My child.”

Vigil of October 6, 1975



Our Lady- “I dispense among you many graces to strengthen you in the battle ahead. The days for the great trial of chastisement grow near. We are now gathering the sheep.” The Sacred Grounds founded here by the Father shall be a Sanctuary of Peace and Solace to many in the future. Upon these grounds will come forth curative waters. Upon these grounds will be found the evidence of the hand of the Father.”

Vigil of March 18, 1973

Our Lady- “I extend and dispense many graces from the Father to all who will come seeking Our comfort. There will be upon these lands curative waters, and I have directed that there will be built an edifice [Church] that will do honor to the Father. It will be a major instrument for the recovery of souls in this city, which now stands forth second to Sodom.”

Vigil of September 28, 1973



Our Lady-  “The Father sends many graces upon you. He has chosen this center of atonement with great purpose. Many will be saved. Many miracles of cures and conversions will go forth through the world from these Hallowed grounds. The cause of Heaven shall not be stopped. The well of curing will arise, and man will not stop the waters from flowing. Know well man, that you cannot defy the Father, for it is in the will of the Father that this land be claimed for the salvation of souls. All who come to these hallowed grounds, My child, will receive graces in abundance…graces of cure and conversion. The crippled shall walk; the blind shall see. Those in darkness shall come forward into the light.”

Vigil of February 1, 1974



Our Lady-  “Yes, My child, the waters will erupt suddenly. However, you must be cautious that they do not try to still the flow by capping the waters.”

Vigil of April 5, 1975

Our Lady-  “You will soon have a well. With this well the waters will cure. When this well erupts it will not be stopped by the clergy. You have reached the boundaries, and now My Son shall step in” Veronica: “I can’t tell you. Yes. . . . Yes. . . . Yes.” Our Lady: “The waters will not be capped. The waters will be given to the ill.”

Vigil of August 14, 1972

Our Lady-  “My child, if there were…..if there are enough prayers of the faithful, you will be given more time to gather the sheep. The Eternal Father has made it known to the world through His Message that there will be many graces given through the Sacred Grounds. The waters will rise. When, you ask My child? Very soon.

Vigil of March 18, 1975

Our Lady-  “Look backward, My child. See the numbers who have come with afflictions. You will not forget them, My child. But go forward now and bless them with the waters, the curative waters from the springs of the world.” [i.e. Our Lady's visit to Bernadette, Lourdes, France 1858 and many others]

Vigil of October 6, 1980

Jesus-  “Veronica, My child, remember My Mother’s counsel to you. You will not be cured, My child. The waters will not be for you. The cross cannot be lifted.”

Vigil of June 18, 1980  


Our Lady:   "You will pray now, My child.  Make it known to mankind that We have chosen these grounds as a center for atonement.

"You will write anew a letter to the leaders of My Son's House and tell them that it is the will of the Father that they build upon these grounds an edifice of purity and piety, a Basilica of dignity, a Basilica for the repatriation of souls.  Graces shall be given in abundance to all who come here, graces for the asking.

"It will be a shrine of world renown, to be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.

"We request that all of the dedicated join now with the faithful in prayer on these sacred grounds.  The beads of prayer you will tell for three hours on the eve of all feast days.  It will be a source of great penance for mankind.  This, My child, is the balance We have spoken of through you for many years.

"A center of atonement - Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.  Send this Message, My child, to your clergy.

"They must pray more and seek the light.  The knowledge of the reality of My mission here will then be given to them.  Pray a constant vigilance of prayer and all will be given the light.

"Now, My child, you will sit.  Restore your strength until My Son comes to you."              

Vigil of October 6, 1974

Our Lady:  - "There will be established in your country a refuge, a sanctuary.  You will be guided, My child and My children, to this sanctuary.  The Basilica shall be built on the sacred grounds.  Patience and fortitude will win you your crowns.

"You are all being tested and tried.  Many will fall away from the cause, for they have not prayed enough.  They have not made enough sacrifices to remain in the fold.

"My child, many arms have been sent to help you with your mission.  Many more arms shall approach you.  You must pray before allowing another group to enter upon your mission.”                              

 Vigil of December 31, 1974 


Our Lady:  "I extend and dispense many graces from the Father to all who will come seeking Our comfort.   "There will be upon these lands curative waters, and I have directed that there will be built an edifice that will do honor to the Father.  It will be a major instrument for the recovery of souls in this city, which now stands forth second to Sodom. 

Vigil of September 28, 1973 


Our Lady:  "You will now go forward to move a mountain, My child.  You will gather prayers and novenas for the bishop.  

"Do not be concerned because I have not received the magnificent edifice that I have asked for the salvation of souls upon the sacred grounds.  Know that the shrine has already been built in the hearts of mankind and in the history of My Son's Church.  There will be a magnificent edifice, My child.  You must be patient.

"You will, in the future, My child, be guided much by Theresa.    

Vigil of May 15, 1976


Our Lady:  “Now, the angels that are standing over to the right - Our Lady now is turning and facing us.  Oh, how awkward it seems to be faced in this direction.  Now Our Lady is smiling.

Our Lady: "My child, there is no inconvenience.  You must understand that My Basilica will also cover the grounds that you are now upon.  Therefore, My child, you are not outside My Shrine.

"I know, My child, that this has all given you a great puzzlement, but you will go as the Father directs.  He has a plan for bringing about the building of this Shrine.

My Basilica, My child, will be built on a firm foundation of Faith.  Tradition cannot be placed aside from Faith.  Together they are the foundation.                               

Vigil of December 6, 1974 


 Our Lady:    “…you will tell the Bishop: 'You will be given a sign by the Eternal Father.' He (the Bishop) will find this sign unquestionable.

"You will, My child, receive the Message from Me, on the Eve of all feast days as in the past. 

"The peoples of the world will continue to go to the shrine in great numbers - that will not consist of crowds - until the basilica is opened by the sign given to the bishop, given to your bishop.  The peoples must continue to pray.

"Accept the offer of the department of police and I will do the rest.  There is a time for everything, My child, even for change.

"The peoples will not lose faith in your mission, My child, but will gather in  multitudinous numbers  to do penance and atonement until the Warning - which will come very shortly.  I assure you, My child, you will not have to wait long, you will not have to wait very long.”                                

Vigil of May 18, 1975 


Jesus:  "My child, did you feel abandoned without My Mother at your side?  Do you not know the power of Heaven?  My Mother was shackled by man's arrogance to Her Sacred Grounds - Her Shrine - My child, but nothing is impossible with the Eternal Father.  She will come to you as you are not outcast in Her Heart.  She will come to you, My children, wherever you are sent on your pilgrimage to gather souls.  You are temporarily outside Her Sacred Grounds in Bayside, but, My child, in due time you will all return.  Your Bishop will be given the sign as promised.

 "You must now pray, do much penance, and work with great haste to gather our straying sheep.            

Vigil of June 5, 1975


Our Lady:   "Yes, My child, I am going about the world appearing in various places, and I have reason for all.  One day, My child, the waters will come up at Bayside, and I will appear over the old church building.  Your Bishop then cannot deny My Appearances.
Vigil of May 17, 1986


Our Lady:  "It is time now, My child, that those of true knowledge and Faith must work, do penance, make atonement so that you may convert the unbeliever.

 "The graces shall be given to all who ask - graces for cures and graces for conversions.

 "My Sacred Grounds in Bayside are held in abeyance, My child.  The Eternal Father has the plan for all.

 "You will pray for your Bishop and your clergy."

 Vigil of July 25, 1975 


Our Lady:   "I bless you all, My children.  You will receive many graces, graces as numerous as the petals of the roses.

"Continue now, My child, with the reading of the photographs.  There is much work to accomplish."

Our Lady - "The foundation, My child, shall be built in time.  Many arms will be sent in its development.

"The foundation, My child, will be called 'Our Lady of the Roses.'

Do not be concerned at this time, My child, how this will be accomplished, for I have told you in the past and I repeat again:  it will all appear before your very eyes.                                                                                  

Vigil of July 25, 1977


Our Lady:  "You will send a note to My dear child who made the banner.  It pleases your hearts very much to accept this beautiful symbol of love.  It will stand with all the banners gathered for My special sacred place upon the shrine grounds.

"Yes, My child, the Shrine has been built, the edifice will be erected in time.  Continue now, My child, you will be directed further by My Son."                

Vigil of June 18, 1976 


Our Lady:  “All workers must unite into a solid front to bring about the triumph of My Son.  We are not pleased with the dissension in the ranks of Our workers.  The arms I spoke of to you formerly, My child, are the workers throughout your world.  We do not like to see the separation among these groups - separations set in by satan.

Many arms will be sent in the battle ahead.  You ask, My child, about the establishment of another community.  You will be directed properly in the future.  Have patience, My child.  It will appear before your very eyes.  One step at a time.”

Veronica:   “ Our Lady refers to the establishment of an Order.”

Our Lady:   “This Order will be founded on basic tradition.  This Order will gather those of true spirit.  This Order will be composed of both men and women and a cloistered convent.  The means will be sent to you all by the Father.  It will be a refuge in the time of trial for many.  This refuge will be located, My child, in your country, the United States.

You will proceed in sending out the message, and do not slacken your pace by fear.  You will face fear and it will disappear.”

Vigil of November 20, 1974

 [Veronica was a victim soul and suffered for the sins of the world and the clergy].